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Whitening Systems

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All UniWhite Whitening Systems feature the following:

  • 1 X 10ml of professional strength 22% gel
     1 X 10 ml of professional strength 17% gel
  • 1 x 10 ml Non-Peroxide Gel (European standard)
     1 X 3ml of professional remineralisation gel
  • Three base paste pottles (1 spare)
  • Three catalyst paste pottles (1 spare)
  • Two dental quality impression trays
  • Two spatulas
  • Comprehensive full colour impression instructions
  • Comprehensive teeth whitening instructions
  • Custom made whitening trays (upper & lower)
  • Protective storage case
  • Protective box for the return of your impressions (under the white inserted box )
  • Pre-paid and pre-addressed NZ Courier pack to our lab (under the white inserted box)
  • Impressions picked up from your doorstep
  • Whitening trays back on your doorstep within days
  • Prices include courier delivery anywhere in New Zealand*

If you would like a spare set of your whitening trays, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Note: * All prices include free courier anywhere in New Zealand
or free postage - economy airmail - to Austalia; returning your impressions from Australia to us comes at your own expense!

Whitening Systems



Whitening Gels

Our syringes contain USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade carbamide peroxide whitening gel in a glycerine base.
The gel is manufactured in the USA and the manufacturing process adheres to strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines; the gels are all natural, vegan and kosher.

We have three gels to choose from:
Carbamide peroxide gels - 17% and 22%
Peroxide Free Gel - the European Standard
hese resealable syringes provide enough gel for 10 at least whitening sessions. 
Syringes have a shelf life of at least one year; storage in the fridge will extend this with some month.

Note: * All prices include free courier anywhere in New Zealand or free postage - economy airmail - to Australia

Try-out gel sets





17% Gels




22% Gels








Peroxide-Free Gel


2 Syringes of 10 ml Non-Peroxide Gel (16.50 per syringe)
Blank ImagePrice: NZ$33.00
View Item Details



Saver pack: 4 x 10 ml syringe of Non Peroxide Gel ($14.50 per syringe)
Blank ImagePrice: NZ$55.00
View Item Details



Super Saver Pack: 6 x 10 ml Non-Peroxide Gel ($12.50 per syringe)
Blank ImagePrice: NZ$75.00
View Item Details


Remineralisation Gel


Remineralisation Gel (pack of 3 x 3 ml syringes). Use this after whitening to put minerals back into your teeth and/or for sensitive teeth
TM3 - Remineralisation GelPrice: NZ$39.00


Extra Whitening Trays

Sometimes whitening trays get lost.
You may forget to take them home from a vacation,
the dog gets hold of the protective case,
the children play with the trays....

It might be pratical to have a spare set.

Please Note:
You can only order this together with
the UniWhite Teeth Whitening System!
If you need a replacement of lost trays, please contact us via

Extra set of whitening trays Available only if combined with the purchase of a UniWhite Teeth Whitening System (so for the same person!)
Blank ImagePrice: NZ$15.00
View Item Details

This product is a service to our loyal customers.
It is not available if you have not purchased our full set before!
Order this only after you have contacted UniWhite's office:
021 055 6755 (Ina)
If  ordered without prior arrangement, moneys will be refunded .

Replacement whitening trays - on special order only both upper and lower
Blank ImagePrice: NZ$95.00
View Item Details



UniWhite Shop details

  • All products include free courier anywhere in New Zealand or Economy Airmail to Australia*
  • To ensure speedy and proper delivery, it usually is best to provide a business address.
    We can't deliver to a post office box.
  • Payment options:  credit card (online or post details), direct credit (internet bank transfer)
  • All transactions are processed by Flo2Cash via our secure link.
    *Australian customers need to send impressions to our lab in Waimate, at their own expense .
      System postage and whitening tray postage to Australia is included in the system price.
    Your credit card will be billed in NZD and converted by your credit card company to AUD.
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