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A decade ago I ordered Uniwhite products for the first time. I know that because the date is on the wee mould case (Monday 9 August 2005) I have used the product intermittently for all of that period and the moulds are still as good as they were originally. That's pretty good I reckon. I have introduced a friend to the product and they also got excellent results. All round a great product.

Neville (November 2016)

I got the whitening system as a gift from my sister, she knew I had been wanting to get a whitening kit done but my dentist had quoted me $300 for the mould and $300 alone for the syringes, thats a total of $600 and as a student that is just too much money so my bright white smile had to be put on hold.

This system is amazing , be it from receiving it (Surprisingly) at my door step to getting the mould delivered back.
  I am very happy with the quality and effectiveness of uniwhites products I am nothing but impressed and I am certain I will be building a longterm relationship with uniwhite.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to smile again !!  I can't wait to gift some friends and family the Uniwhite system too , its the gift that keeps on giving smile after smile !


W.E.Y (September 2015)

I tried the Uniwhite Whitening kit and it honestly worked wonders. I had plenty of whitening gel left over and I am still happy with the results!
At first I had some sensitivity with my teeth but nothing too painful and it was extremely pleasing. I keep getting compliments on my smile too!
Maria (December 2013)
Hello there
Just wanted to say I had been purchasing teeth whitening products from the supermarket which were absolutely useless.  I had thought my teeth were "beyond redemption" but after trying Uniwhite three times I can definitely see a vast improvement.
Also I was very pleased at the speed with which my order was delivered.  Your products and service are extremely good.  Thank you.
J.R.  (Auckland) June 2013
Hi there,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for providing and selling this product which actually works! I've tried a few whitening products in the past but they were all a sham therefore, I was abit nervous in getting this set. However, the results say it all and I got HEAPS of compliments on how white my teeth are :) Even my best friend, who is a dentist says the products you guys sell are legit. I have been recommending everyone this product and will continue to do so. Aside from the fantastic product, the service and delivery has been superb - fast and hassle free! Thank you so much again!!!
Angeline, Palmerston North (July 2012)

My partner and I are extremely pleased with the Uniwhite system.  The results we achieved far exceeded our expectations.  
After the first few uses our teeth were significantly whiter and we have maintained the results over about 18 months with top up applications every now and again - all using the same kits we initially purchased. 
The Uniwhite system is truely great value for money and we would recommend it to anybody.  The customer service has also been exceptional with prompt product delivery and immediate responses to any email queries.
Brendon, Wellington (January 2012)

Hi -
thank you for a wonderful product and great service. Congratulations on a very professional yet friendly approach - the website is user-friendly and very informative,
the delivery of the kit is very prompt and the teeth-whitening process is very easy to use with great results. I am very happy to recommend your product and service.
Many thanks,
Sue Christchurch (October 2011)

I was amazed at how fast the teeth mould arrived. The impression was picked up in the afternoon and I received the mould the following morning!
After only one use I had noticed a difference with my teeth and my husband was so impressed he is now going to order one. Its a great product that actually works and I have no hesitation in recommending its use.
Melanie, Tauranga (May 2011)


Compliments to Uniwhite for outstanding service, and a quality product that really works.

The tray impressions arrived within 24 hours of ordering, and the finished trays arrived 2 days later. Outstanding service to be able to whitening my teeth within 3 days of the initial order.

Within a week my teeth were 6 shades whiter , and people were complimenting me on the change. Even my dentist was impressed with the change!

I have been using the product for a year now and will continue to do so. A comparable charge from my dentist would have cost me over $500 for the years use. A huge saving using Uniwhite and an outstanding result.

I have no hesitation in recommending this system, or your company.

Andy, Auckland (May 2011)

I have used your product last year and have now recommended it to a friend to try.  I fitted the trays after dinner whilst watching TV and hardly noticed they were there.  I found the gel easy to use with the fitted trays and could see an improvement in the colour of my teeth after two nights.  I have not felt the need to re-order any gel until now and am only going to get more as I want to maintain the colour that I have now achieved. 

C R, Christchurch (May 2011) 

Very impressed with the service and product.Staff  went the extra mile to ensure my impressions were excellent.
One of the few businesses I have dealt with that dont just take your money and run- they are there every step of the way with excellent very fast efficient service and great whitening result product.Be assurred you are dealing with a good company.
Anne,Three Kings,Auckland
what a fantastic product and a terriifc service! I was hesitant to spend so much compared to what the cheaper kits cost, but I dont regret it for a second. My husband has used the cheap, water-mouldable mouth pieces before and they were pretty useless. The uniwhite ones, however ,were a perfect fit and his teeth were so much whiter after only one application..... Im ordering a kit for myself now!!
Lynne, Rotorua
Hi Uniwhite
I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING service. We ordered your product on a Thursday, it arrived the next morning and we sent it back on the Saturday to have it in our hot little hands on the Tuesday morning. We have a rural delivery address and both my husband I could not believe the awesome turn-around time. Great job.
We have both started the process and will be back to let you know how it goes. The inserts/plates are perfect fits.
Thank you.
Kind regards
Kelly Douglas
I purchased the uni white teeth whitening kit a couple of months ago upon recommendation from a friend and loved it! It is by far the best teeth whitening product I have ever tried. I had complements about my beautiful smile after just one application and have reccommended it to several other friends.
P. M.

Your website is a gem in answering my questions on teeth whitening and I am impressed with your prompt service and delivery.   The product. What can I say? It is now a pleasure to look in the mirror at my ?new looking? pearly whites, instead of being a scary experience. Wow, this product really works, and amazingly well! My friends are commenting on my teeth and wanting to know what my big secret is. Thanks Uniwhite for the fantastic  product and great service!


Shirley Wall


Wow! What fantastic service. Product arrived the very next day. I had some old trays left over from a few years ago so only had to purchase the whitening gel. What a saving! I paid $500 about four years ago for the same thing. I have noticed a difference after only one treatment and am so impressed with the price, service & product that I am buying a kit for my son so we can do it together.

 Josephine (Auckland)

Hello, have used whitening system  for the last few days, I am really pleased with the results. All my friends noticed my white teeth.  I'm going to order more gel. Deliveries always arrive quickly and the customer service is super! I reported a problem, and they got in touch with me immediatly and resolved everything. Thanks a lot.
Alla (Christchurch).

Both my husband and I have used a whitening product from our dentist that wasn't nearly as effective as your product (plus there was NO mention where the gel was manufactured, which is a worry to me). Your prices are exceptional with very speedy service and the 35% gel is very gentle on the gums. My husband's teeth, after one use of your product, are sparkling white, so needless to say we are very pleased with the results after seeing minor results from the ***** gel from our dentist! Thanks for providing this incredible service via your website - we are very satisfied not only with the superior quality of the Uniwhite 35% gel, but in your syringe which is much easier to use too!

PJ & DK (Auckland)

I am really pleased with the results. A sceptical friend told me to take before and after photos every time I used the whitener, I did, and the results are obvious. My teeth are sensitive immediately after I finish application, but that passes. I?ve just ordered, and received, more gel. Deliveries always arrive quickly and the customer service is superb! I reported a problem which was probably my fault, and they got in touch with me shortly after and went above and beyond to resolve it.

Jess (Christchurch).

Hi there, I have recently purchased your teeth whitening system and am really thrilled with it.  I used to talk to people with my hand in front of my mouth but am now confident enough to smile at them in full view!  Thanks a million for your product. 

Liz (Christchurch)
I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased this product, but I can tell you that I was very pleased with the prompt & efficient service.
I was very happy with the results of my teeth and hence I am back ordering more product.  I have recommended Uniwhite to my family & friends.
Nicola (Auckland)
I have to admit initially I was a little sceptical about this product and so did my homework.
I have healthy teeth and was dubious about trying something new, worried that I could damage my teeth by whitening them myself.
I new it would cost more than I could afford if I went to the Dentist so I decided this sounded like my safest option.
I have had excellent results and I get lots of positive feedback from people.  I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with good teeth and the whitening kit has given them the extra boost I was looking for. I know it has made me look younger as I have been able to get rid of the yellow staining that comes with age.
I now need to replenish my stock of gel to keep my teeth looking good - hence the need to pass on my testimonial.
It's a great product, great results, great service.  Thank you Uniwhite. 
Maria (Tauranga)
Fantastic product, my husband purchased through a dentist a similar system a year ago at twice the price but we can both honestly say that the service, product information, and effectiveness of Uniwhite is superior.  Do not hesitate, purchase this product and you won't be disappointed.
Colleen (Palmerston North)
I have used two tubes of your whitening agent on my teeth and have found a marked improvement in their appearance . Encouraged I am going to continue with your product!
Dennis (Gisborne)
I love this product!  I have been using uniwhite for over a year and have had absolutely no problems with the product and I am very impressed with the results.  I was meant to send feedback when I first received the product last year but never got around to it - sorry.  But im now back to buy more gel!  Thanks for the great customer service and quick delivery of the products.  I have already and will keep telling friends and family of your products.
Kind regards
Michelle (Christchurch)
I have brought this Uni White product to whiten my teeth for our wedding and now I'm going to buy some for my partner and my mother and father because they love the look of my teeth, I could see the difference after 2 uses  but used a couple more until I was fully satisfied and I'm so impressed with the delivery  service thank you very much.
Gena (Christchurch)


Hi there

Fantastic service from uniwhite! Have tried the product and I?m truly excited by the results. The self-impressions are easy enough to do as long as the customer takes the time to read the instructions. The plastic plates returned by uniwhite (poste haste!) are a great fit and very comfortable to wear! Cheaper than my local dentist and in the comfort of my own home?fantastic! Customer service A1. Many thanks uniwhite I?m sure I will be back for more product in the near future. For the sceptics?.Don?t be a doubting Thomas, embrace uniwhite and the opportunity for a beautiful smile?you won?t be sorry!

Best regards
Jan D (Rotorua)

I was literally about to book with my dentist and pay $560, when I came across this web site.  I got the pack the next day and the moulds 2 days later after they were picked up from my doorstep. It was so smooth I could not believe it. I did the 1st treatment last night and the procedure definitely works. Will take a couple more sessions to get totally white but I can see a difference already.

Kind regards
Peter D (Wellington)

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say how impressed I have been with thecustomer service I have received when dealing with Uniwhite.  I have now ordered two of your whitening kits, andon both occasions the customer service I received was excellent.

The first time I placed an order, I requested an Elite system, and paid the full $195 for it.  I received a calla day or two later, and was told that the Elite system was currently on special, and I only needed to pay $165. The extra $30 was refunded to me immediately.  I am sure that most companies would have quietly pocketed the extramoney - so the integrity shown by Uniwhite was very appreciated.

Although I achieved good results with the first kit, I decided that I would try and get my teeth even whiter.  Iplaced an order for a second Elite system, so that I would get enough extra gel, and a second chance to make somebetter teeth impressions.  Once again, I was called by Uniwhite.  I was asked if anything was wrong with thefirst kit, and if there is anything that Uniwhite could do.  I explained that I was quite happy with the firstkit, and just wanted to try and achieve some even better results.  When I received my second set of impressions, Idiscovered an extra syringe of gel - which I can only presume was given to me as a sign of good faith.  This extrasyringe, combined with the fact that Uniwhite called to check everything was OK, only further adds to the excellentservice I have received from Uniwhite.

I have never before written to a company to thank them for their customer service, so I hope that you realise I ambeing genuine.  I will certainly be telling people about your business, and I wish you every success in thefuture.

Yours sincerely,
Ben M (Auckland)
* * * ** 
Just want to let you know how pleased I am with the whole Uniwhiteservice, amazing how quickly products arrived.
After sending off the moulds the trays came back nextday.
Thrilled with the whitening that has happened so far after using 4times, so I haven't finished yet.
Thank you so much, much appreciated.
Pam S (Christchurch)
* * * * *
Hi - I purchased the whitening gel pack from you this week, thanksfor the prompt delivery. Wonder if you can give me some advice....
Mim M (Auckland)
* * * * *
Hi there, just to let you know I got my order first thing thismorning and the "lost" parcel just appeared in my letterbox! I used the product this morning and it brightened upmy teeth straight away, a really good product! And thank you for all your help with the missing parcel, I do appreciateyour excellent customer service.
Many thanks
Tania G (Auckland)
* * * * *
I am blown away by the customer service I received, the product is great and your advice was much appreciated. After making an enquiry I was surprised to hear back within that day, and with a phone call! I felt like a valued customer and for that I have passed on the link to the uniwhite website to friends and family, who have all raved about your attitude and genuine care for your customers. Thanks again for your help,
Karmella T (Auckland)

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