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Teeth Whitening - how it works


How can a gel whiten teeth when they are so hard?

On the surface teeth appear to be very hard and they are. Otherwise they would wear out in no time at all. But look at teeth a little closer (with a scanning microscope) and you'll see that the enamel is actually porous. Liken it to a concrete block: very hard but at the same time the block can still absorb water. Here is what enamel (the surface of your tooth) looks like close up when you look straight at a tooth (left image):

enamel Enamel

You can see that the enamel  actually has a fibrous appearance with gaps in between. These gaps provide a path for whitening gel to get to the dentin (the layer just below the enamel). Now take that tooth, slice it from top to bottom, magnify it and look at it side-on (right image). See how the enamel allows a path to the dentin layer . That's where the whitening actually takes place. So yes, teeth are very hard, but gel can still get in there and whiten the inner tooth with an oxidising action. All teeth whitening (including so called  'laser' whitening) is based on the action of a gel.

How are teeth whitened?

To go after the stains on the dentin layer and re-whiten your teeth, you need an oxidising gel that penetrates the enamel. The best way to do that is to have flexible plastic moulds (called whitening trays ) that hug your teeth. You fill the inside of the tray with whitenng gel and push the tray around your teeth where it is held in place by suction and the 'sticky' gel. Give the gel an hour or more to penetrate the enamel, oxidise those stains and the result will be whiter teeth. The longer you continue this process (you apply fresh gel in the trays for each session), the whiter your teeth will get.  

How white will my teeth get?

Unlike 'in-chair' whitening at the dentist, you decide the final shade of your teeth. A little whiter or much whiter. It is controlled simply by the total whitening time and the strength of the gel.

Is it safe?

Yes it is. And you don't have to take our word for it. Click here for more details on safety

How does a UniWhite System work?

A Uniwhite Whitening System consists of three easy steps to whiter teeth:


Purchase our system and take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Easy and fun to do - full colour instructions and all dental materials provided. A spare set is included if you want to practice first or make a mistake.

Tray in Mouth



Put both impressions in the supplied pillow box and dial 0800 800 841 to have them picked up from your doorstep (the bag is pre-paid and pre-addressed)

Impression into



Courier Bag

3 You get your custom trays back on your doorstep within days and you can start whitening your teeth with our professional strength gels. A few sessions later you'll see a transformation. That's guaranteed!



How does a UniWhite System compare to a dentist?

A Dentist supplied teeth whitening system

A UniWhite supplied teeth whitening system

1. You ring your dentist and make an appointment. You arrive in the waiting room on the day of the appointment.

1. You order a UniWhite system which is delivered to you the next working day (rural areas two days)

2. The dentist mixes two putties, puts the mix in an impression tray and positions the tray around your teeth. You wait 3 minutes. The process is repeated for the opposing teeth.

2. You mix two putties, put the mix in an impression tray and position the tray around your teeth. You wait 3 minutes. The process is repeated for the opposing teeth.

3. You make another appointment and go home. Your dentist sends your impressions to a dental lab.

3. You put your impressions in the supplied courier bag, ring 0800 800 841 and have them collected from your doorstep.

4. Some days/weeks later you arrive for your second appointment to receive your trays, instructions and gel. You go home or back to work again.

4. You receive your custom trays from the UniWhite Dental Lab back on your doorstep within days (you already have the instructions and the gel).

5.You read the instructions, apply the gel and you're away whitening your teeth!

5. You read the instructions, apply the gel and you're away whitening your teeth!

You pay anywhere from $300-$800

You pay only NZ$185


Would you like more detail about the actual process?

Click here for more details on the whitening process


Surely there is more to teeth whitening than that?

No, it really is that simple and cheap!

You fill the trays with a drop of gel for each tooth and wear the trays for 1-2 hours at a time. Most people see significant results after just 2-3 sessions. The trays are very thin and comfortable, they hug your teeth, are virtually invisible and you can still talk normally. You can spread sessions over days or weeks as desired. During each session your teeth will get whiter. You can repeat sessions whenever you desire - next week, next month or next year and results will last for years. All you need to maintain white teeth for the rest of your life is some more gel (also available separately) and your custom trays (which of course you can use for the rest of your life).
All Uniwhite Teeth Whitening Systems come with a Money Back Guarantee - Click here to see our guarantee

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