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Affordable Custom Teeth Whitening Systems
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Want to improve the look of your teeth, rebuild your confidence and present an attractive smile again?

Looking for a custom made tray system identical to that from a dentist?

Want to save hundreds of dollars by paying only NZ$185 instead of $400-$600?


Now you can with a professional custom tray teeth whitening system from UniWhite Laboratories. Identical to the tray system from a dentist, you get custom made trays that contour your teeth and keep the whitening gel evenly dispersed across the tooth surface. Depending on the initial condition of your teeth, the final result will range from at least "what a great improvement!" to "wow... what a stunning difference!".

And that's guaranteed.

A Uniwhite system produces guaranteed results

Since our first system over six years ago, we now have thousands of satisfied customers with great smiles. So you can be assured of satisfaction, but best of all expect to save $300-$500 compared to an identical system from a dentist. All from the comfort of yourown home. No visits, no time off work for appointments, no carparks to find and no one needs to visit you. Whiten your teeth when and where you decide. What could be easier?

Build - or rebuild - your confidence

The first feature people notice on a person's face are the eyes followed closely by the mouth (and a smile or lack thereof). A smile makes us appear more receptive and research has shown that an attractive smile brings pleasure to both the person with the smile as wellas the person(s) receiving the smile. No amount of makeup or jewellery can ever do that!

A proven teeth whitening system

Teeth Whitening in its current form has been around for more than twenty-five years and has proved to be perfectly safe. Our own dentist-equivalent solution has been available and used for more than three successful years. Our professional strength gel -22% carbamide peroxide - is applied to custommade trays which hug your teeth. The gel then penetrates the enamel and goes to work. A typical whitening session is 1-2 hours (you choose when and where) and after only a few sessions, you will see significant results (and that's guaranteed!). It's all done from the comfort of your own home using a custom made tray system identical to that from a dentist (who only takes your impressions and has your traysmade in a laboratory - the rest is up to you). With a Uniwhite system you save at least $300-$500 simply by taking your own impressions (full instructions and materials provided). Purchase a UniWhite system now and give yourself that confidence and great smile back again!





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